Brian Darnell Design-Build Construction Group MO

Commercial Roofing and Steeple Replacement

A severe storm caused extensive hail damage to the church campus buildings which impacted the exterior metal roofing, guttering, and other exterior cladding. The existing asphalt shingle roofing system was also deteriorated from age and leaking precipitation during weather related events. The existing metal roofing was also leaking due to improper installation and deteriorated rubber seals at most of the exposed fasteners.

The Administrative Building needed asphalt shingles, aluminum fascia trim, guttering, shutters, and a commercial sign replaced.

The Mission House needed roofing shingles, aluminum siding, fascia, guttering, and window screens replaced.The aluminum siding was removed and the original wood siding underneath encapsulated to contain lead paint.

The Youth Annex needed metal roofing, fascia, guttering, shutters, and window screens replaced.

The Hay Barn and Maintenance Shed needed metal roofing, fascia and guttering replaced.

The Worship Center needed metal roofing, fascia, guttering, and the steeple replaced. A Roof Hugger system was installed over the existing roof to prevent loss of use of the building and improve energy efficiency.

Brian Darnell donated all new energy efficient vinyl windows and three exterior doors for the Mission House, and organized a group of men from the church to help with the replacement. A covered front porch was also added to the Mission House by Brian Darnell.

A Roof-Hugger system was installed over the existing metal roofing on the Worship Center which prevented loss of use of the building during reconstruction, and to eliminate any hazards had the existing roofing been removed for replacement. Additional insulation was added between the existing metal roofing and the new to improve energy efficiency.

The agricultural type metal roofing with exposed fasteners on four of the buildings was upgraded to 24 gauge standing seam panels from McElroy Metals.