Brian Darnell Design-Build Construction Group MO

Worship Center Restoration ~ St. Charles, MO

The Worship Center is part of a storm restoration project Brian Darnell managed as the general contractor.  The original 12 year old roof was a standard 26 gauge agricultural style R-panel with exposed fasteners which leaked like a sieve but also had extensive hail damage. Installed a Roof Hugger System over the existing roof and added insulation between the light weight structural purlins to improve energy efficiency of the building. The Roof Hugger system allowed for a new roof to be installed with minimal disruption of use of the building, and reduced the possibility of uncertain hazards compared to if the roof had been removed for replacement. This method was also more cost effective. Installed the 24 gauge Maxima ADV standing seam roof panels from McElroy Metal, and SnoClips with the S-5 ColorGard snow retention system all in Hartford Green. The original gutter boards were not perpendicular to the ground so the old gutters had a wedge behind to be level. Built up the fascia backer at the eaves to eliminate the need for the wedges behind the gutters. Steel fascia and D-style steel seamless gutters were installed, both also in Hartford Green. A new aluminum steeple and cross were installed after the roof was completed.